The Federation of Specialist Hospitals (FSH) is a coalition of hospitals which provide specialist services to patients in the UK. Established in 2009, the FSH ensures specialist providers’ voice is heard in the fast-changing NHS landscape.


The FSH was formed to represent the unique requirements of its members, who are all specialist hospitals.

24 specialist hospitals carry out 250,000 procedures and 2.5 million outpatient appointments each year, mainly for patients with rare and complex conditions. They cover a range of areas such as heart conditions; cancer; ophthalmology; ear, nose and throat; and children’s services.

Specialist hospitals are established vehicles for the development and early adoption of new therapies and techniques. Members are often at the forefront of innovation and are also important sources of training within the NHS.


The FSH was established in 2009 to provide a platform for specialist hospitals to contribute to discussions around NHS reform and other issues affecting members.

Reform of the NHS means that NHS England will be directly responsible for commissioning specialised services. In addition, the Bill also contains a range of important provisions about quality and innovation.

The FSH is keen to ensure that the potential in the Health and Social Care Bill is realised fully, improving patient outcomes through raising levels of quality, consistency and access.


By drawing on the expertise of its members, the FSH works with government and other stakeholders to inform and influence areas of particular interest, such as national tariff, innovation and access to treatment.

The FSH works in partnership with the NHS and government institutions, to provide clinical leadership and valuable perspectives from specialist care.

The Federation works in partnership with the private sector through a liaison committee.